Fiesta Brava Mexican Restaurants were started in 2013. The first location was opened in Westpoint by brother in laws Luis Abundes and Jesus Onate. Both brothers were in the restaurant business since they were 14 years old and had run restaurants for over 5 years before deciding to start out on their own. With all their experience they had learned what works and what doesn’t.

What Makes Fiesta Brava a Favorite:

Luis and Jesus put a lot of passion into their food. All ingredients are fresh and prepared daily and never frozen. From their specialty tomatoes they use in their salsa to the quality meat they get brought in locally, they save no expense in putting out delicious food.

They spend hours after hours at every location daily to make sure their restaurants are putting out the best food possible. They don’t mind putting in the extra hours to ensure their children can stay in school and have a good education as both owners had to quit school at a young age to help support the family.

Make sure to visit one of their locations at West Point, Broken Bow, Omaha, or Wayne  to taste the food and enjoy the Family friendly atmosphere.